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Wire Rope Mounts

Our wire rope mounts also known as wire rope isolators are built with heavy duty stainless steel braided wire rope cable which is threaded through aluminum alloy retaining bars, crimped and mounted for maximum shock and vibration isolation. With the highest quality corrosion resistant stainless steel metal construction, our wire rope mounts are unaffected by harsh environmental conditions and temperatures, oils, abrasives, mycosis, humidity, ozone, grease, chemicals, nuclear radiation, ozone, dust and erosion of organic solvent.

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Heavy Duty Wire Rope Isolators

wire rope mounts

Compact Wire Rope Isolators

wire rope isolators

Circular Wire Rope Isolators

wire rope isolator

More Information on Wire Rope Isolators

A wire rope isolator is a very high performance shock absorber and vibration isolator that can used in endless applications. Wire rope isolators are very useful vibration dampers because they maintain excellent vibration isolation performance under maximum shock in severe environmental conditions such as chemical pollution or extreme temperatures. They have a long life span and can adapt to elastic displacement in all dimensions, allowing multi-directional vibration isolation and they can be installed in many different ways.

There is elastic support for heavy duty machinery such as generators and vibration isolation for delicate applications such as precision instruments, transportation of missiles and satellites, processors, communication units, protection for navigation and launching systems as well as large scale construction. The working temperature for wire rope isolators is -75°C-+175°C, up to +370°C and each wire rope isolator comes with softened non-linear stiffness. The maximum dynamic displacement is over 70 percent of the space the mount takes up, the dynamic stiffness decreases when the displacement increases.

Wire Rope Isolator Applications

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wire rope mount applications
wire rope isolator applications

Applications: electronics, avionics, generators, motors, pumps, blowers, fans, HVAC equipment, electronics, gopro hero cameras, marine equipment, mechanical devices, industrial vehicles, fuel tanks, engine suspension, boat and ship antennas, mounted cameras, drones, rough terrain vehicles, industrial and medical equipment, UAVs (unmanned aerial vechicles), mobile equipment, compressors, shipping containers, computer cases and hard disc drives and industrial applications.