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VM Mounts

VM mounts are stationary machine mounts that are specifically designed to produce high vibration isolation results. Although the mount design allows high deflection at low loads, the mountings are compact in weight and easy to install.

The high deflection characteristics make VM mounts effective vibration isolators for slow speed machinery. Typical vibration isolation results are in the range of 90%-95%. These stationary machine mounts are not designed for mobile machinery because they have no fail-safe mechanism.

CAD 3D drawing files are available for these mounts. Please call or email to request access. Access here.

VM mounts are ideal for applications involving isolation of low frequency vibrations in all planes. They are also suitable for shock isolation due to their designed ability to offer large deflection. They also provide passive vibration isolation on electronic instruments, measuring equipment and test cells. Height adjusters are available for these mounts.

VM Mount Properties

Tight tolerances on dynamic stiffness rate for accurate vibration calculations.

Wide load rating options, 3.5–2500 kg.

Ideal for isolating low frequency vibrations (down to 2.5 hz) for stationary machines.

Corrosion protected to cope with arduous environments on land or marine applications (Fe/Zn8C2 as per ISO 2081).

stationary machine mounts

Applications: Fans, Pumps, Compressors, AC-units, Ventilators, Refrigerators, Electric motors, Weighing scales, Test cell equipment, Vibratory screens, Noise control units, Packaging application, Food processing equipment, Powder handling machinery.