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Low Frequency Ring Mounts

Low frequency ring mounts are used to control vibration, noise and motion and are specially designed to give large deflection for small loads. These special anti vibration mounts are specifically used to protect suspended equipment against vibration and impact. Also known as o-mounts, they are designed to absorb shock, vibration and forces in shear and compression. Continual tensile load should be avoided when using ring mounts. Ring mounts will protect sensitive equipment such as electric motors from incurred movements, other applications include air-compressors, printers, medical equipment and other small size machinery and instruments.

The rubber hole in the center of the mount reduces the load capacity and increases the deflection which is favorable for low frequency vibration isolation applications such as small electric motors the rubber hole also provides high noise reduction.

low frequency ring mounts

Applications: Light Instruments, Light Fans and Compressors, Computer and Electronic Units, Shock Mounting for Light Applications, Air Compressors, Printers, Medical Equipment, Small Sized Machinery, Electric Motors, Cell Phones.