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Marine and Industrial Engine Mounts

Marine and industrial engine mounts are used to isolate vibrations and shocks while reducing noise in mobile and stationary equipment. Our engine mounts are made with premium industrial grade materials which stay in service longer than cheaper mounts, prolonging the life of your equipment.

Our most popular marine engine mounts (MM, DS, DH, DM) have an interlocking metal component which acts as a fail-safe protection device; this extends the service life of the mount while protecting your equipment. They are also built with strong, resistant metal which protects the rubber in the mount from damaging fuels, oils, water, petroleum and harsh environmental conditions.

These mounts are commonly used in applications which require drive systems to maintain proper alignment. If an insufficient or worn out mount is installed, the engine will progressively sit lower until it is moved completely out of alignment which makes it work harder to maintain operation. This increases the vibrations and wear of the entire drive of the vessel, eventually wearing out the engine.

Stainless steel (304) is available for corrosive environments to protect against destructive fuels, oils, water and petroleum based products, this extends the service life of the mount and your equipment. Height adjusters are available for all marine engine mounts.

Click on the mount picture to see detailed specifications, drawings and graphs. Scroll down to read more about and compare each mount and its applications.

MM Mounts

marine engine mounts

DS Mounts (Soft)

industrial engine mounts

DH Mounts (Hard)

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DM Mounts

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MM Mount Calculator

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HD Mounts

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DF Mounts

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HA Height Adjusters

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CAD 3D drawing files can be accessed here.

MM Mounts

MM mounts are used in a wide variety of applications from generator sets to marine engines to provide effective noise and vibration isolation. MM mounts have a compact low profile design, making them very easy to install. The rubber is loaded in shear and compression and 3-way axis control is provided with high vertical elasticity, increased longitudinal stiffness and optimal lateral stiffness for improved vibration isolation.

These mounts can withstand the powerful propeller thrust of marine applications and their rugged design limits excessive movements under shock loads. The protective finish resists corrosion and the top metal cover protects the mount against oil and other liquids.

Size range available is from 77 to 6613 lbs. per MM mount. Confidently replace old worn out Novibra® SIM type mounts and Metalastik® Cushyfloat® type mounts with our MM mounts as they are 100% interchangeable!

Applications: Pumps, Compressors, Diesel and Gas Generator Sets, Mobile Electrical Panels and Marine, Industrial and Vehicle Engines.

DS and DH Mounts

DS and DH engine mounts look similar; however, they are used for different purposes. DS mounts are identified by their high-profile design while DH mounts are identified by their low-profile design. Use DS mounts when maximum vibration isolation is a priority. Use DH mounts when stability is a priority. These mounts perform well in environmental conditions where dripping oil, diesel and harsh elements are present.

DS Mounts

DS mounts have a high profile rubber section which produces larger deflections and low natural frequencies. These mounts work the rubber in shear and compression. DS mounts are used in applications where maximum vibration isolation is a priority such as in rotating or mobile machines that are continuously subjected to shocks.

Size range available is from 66 to 9259 lbs. per DS mount. Confidently replace your old worn out Novibra® RA, RAEM and RAB type mounts and Metalastik® Cushyfloat® type mounts with our DS mounts as they are 100% interchangeable!

Applications: Diesel and Gas Generator Sets, Marine Auxiliary Engines, Centrifuges, Mobile Machines, Industrial and Diesel Boat Engines and Motors.

DH Mounts

DH mounts have a low profile which provides an optimal ratio of stiffness and horizontal stability. These marine engine mounts work the rubber in shear and compression. DH mounts are used in applications that require greater control of movement due to axial and radial shock forces, these mounts will provide a reasonable amount of vibration and noise isolation.

Size range available is from 154 to 11023 lbs. per DH mount. Confidently replace your old worn out Novibra® RA, RAEM and RAB type mounts and Metalastik® Cushyfloat® type mounts with our DH mounts as they are 100% interchangeable!

Applications: Marine-Land Auxiliary Units, Industrial Vehicles, Centrifuges, Ventilators, Compressors and Pumps.

DM Mounts

DM mounts are similar in design to the DS and DH mounts but are made with a special high-damping rubber compound which provides a high degree of vibration isolation and a great amount of stability. DM mounts are extremely effective on 1, 2 and 3 cylinder diesel engines where the special high-damping compound provides effective vibration isolation capabilities while also eliminating much of the movement created by 1-3 cylinder engines.

Diesel engines with an uneven number of small diameter cylinders create high-amplitude vibrations which require a mount with extra damping capabilities to limit the high amplitudes. These vibration mounts are typically used when other mounts cannot offer sufficient stability to the affected equipment. DM mounts great for machines that are subject to constant start/stop conditions and that require a high degree of vibration damping and in conditions which are close to the frequency of resonance of the system.

Size range available is from 154 to 286 lbs. per DM mount.

Applications: Diesel Engines, Emergency Power Packs, Motor Pumps, Industrial Generator Sets, Compressors and Ventilators.

DF Mounts

DF mounts also called dual flex engine mounts can be installed on a wide variety of engines including caterpillar and cummins diesel engines, as well as ford, perkins, yanmar and john deere engines.

The Importance of Marine Engine Mounts

Having a quality marine engine mount installed is the difference between a quiet, low vibration, firmly mounted engine and a loud, out of alignment, damaged engine. Damaged or worn engine mounts should be replaced as soon as possible because an engine that sits low can begin to cause misalignment of transmission to shaft, a worn cutlass bearing or damaged components such as the shaft, transmission or propeller.

The force of the high revving engine is passed directly onto the mount and even the smallest one cylinder diesel engines can produce a large amount of force and vibration. There are many forces that are applied on the engine, there is the force of the motor and transmission weight as well as the shearing force of the propeller under thrust. For these reasons, engine mounts are compressed on one side while being stretched on the other. In severe conditions, such a dangerous storm, the engine mount which is essentially rubber bonded to metal takes considerable abuse over time.

It is important that the engine mount not be too soft or too hard as choosing an incorrect mount can make your problem worse. We have a marine propulsion engine mount calculator located above that is helpful in sizing mounts, however please contact us if you need assistance locating the right size for your application.