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DH Mounts

DH mounts are fail safe marine engine mounts that have a lower profile than DS mounts, the lower profile provides an optimal ratio of stiffness and horizontal stability. These marine engine mounts work the rubber in shear and compression. DH mounts are used in applications that require greater control of movement due to axial and radial shock forces, these mounts will provide a reasonable amount of vibration and noise isolation.

DH mounts are designed for applications where stability is a priority. These mounts perform well in environmental conditions where dripping oil, diesel and harsh elements are present.

Stainless steel (304) metal is available for corrosive environments.

CAD 3D drawing files are available for these mounts. Please call or email to request access. Access here.

DH Mount Properties

The protective metal cover has a cross-shaped indentation which enhances its rigidity in mobile applications and improves its ability to resist against oils or liquids which splash onto it, allowing them to flow off of the mount.

The metal cover also protects the elastomer inside from dripping oil, diesel, ozone and/or ultraviolet rays which can cause major damage to rubber. All metal parts on DH mounts have an anticorrosive treatment which is suitable for demanding outdoor applications where harsh environmental conditions are present. This treatment is RoHs compliant.

The base of DH mounts are engraved with the hardness. DH mounts an interlocking metal component which provides fail-safe protection for mobile applications. This device limits vertical movement when the mount is submitted to shock inputs.

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Applications include: Marine-Land Auxiliary Units, Industrial Vehicles, Centrifuges, Ventilators, Compressors and Pumps.