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Machine Leveling Feet

AV Products machine leveling feet, also known as leveling mounts or pads, provide stability and vibration reduction on all types of equipment and machinery. Fully adjustable, our leveling feet will not only balance and level your equipment to ensure they operate at peak efficiency they will also extend the life of your machinery.

Machine levelers are especially beneficial to machines that experience material fatigue due to quick starts and stops, as well as those subject to high shear loads.

Get the highest quality threads and bases in all our leveling lines. The leveling pads we sell are customizable for any size as well as special weight requirements your application might require.

Click on the mount picture to see detailed specifications, drawings and graphs. Scroll down to read more about and compare each mount and its applications.

Stainless Steel Leveling Feet

stainless steel leveling feet

Steel Leveling Feet

steel leveling feet

Anti Vibration Leveling Feet

anti vibration leveling feet

Plastic Leveling Feet

plastic leveling feet

Round/Square Plastic Plugs & Stainless Steel Welding Plates

round/square plastic plugs and stainless steel welding plates

Stamped Leveling Feet

stamped leveling feet

Teknofix Leveling Feet

teknofix leveling feet

Stainless Steel

As pockets and recesses are not present in stainless steel leveling feet they deliver the most hygienic solution; in fact, they are required in the food, drug and medical industries. These special levelers combine the stabilization, vibration isolation and strength of steel leveling feet with the corrosion resistant and sanitary properties of stainless steel. Each leveling pad can support up to 30,000 pounds.

Also, included in this line are Teknoclean leveling feet, which feature sealed nut and joint construction. 316 type stainless steel with greater corrosion resistance is available by request.

Applications: Conveyers, Chemical, Oenological and Pharmaceutical Processing Machines, Industrial Machinery, and Appliances.


Steel leveling feet are built for harsh environments and are very strong, supporting up to 30,000 pounds per level. These leveling pads are typically used in applications where vibration isolation and chemical resistance are of the utmost concern. Their superior build quality provides additional protection for the equipment they are installed on in addition to prolonging the equipment’s service life.

Applications: Roll Mills, Generators, Paper Cutters and Presses, Stamping Presses, CNC and Cable Machinery.

Anti Vibration

Anti vibration leveling feet are used in a wide range of frequencies as well as various environmental conditions. These leveling mounts are perfect for isolating a system from unwanted vibrations and resonance because they are designed to lower the natural frequency of the system, in addition they also protect any sensitive electronics in the machinery they are installed on. Many models in this line have a stainless steel base for hygienic purposes. The stainless steel screw can also be ordered in 316 stainless.

Applications: Injection Molders, Punches and Cutters, Presses, Grinding, Milling, Nibbling and Screw Machines, Plate Shears, Lathes and Woodworking Machines.


Plastic leveling feet have a plastic base, steel studs and are offered with or without articulation and lag holes. These levelers are non-magnetic because of their plastic base making them perfect for certain specialized applications, they also accommodate a large range of size and weight requirements. Stainless steel tapped sockets are available.

Applications: Automation, Conveyor Systems, Packaging, Work-Desk and Aluminum Structures.

Round/Square Plastic Plugs & Stainless Steel Welding Plates

These are our plastic plugs for round and square tubes and our stainless steel welding plates. The plastic plugs have nickel brass inserts which are threaded.


Stamped leveling feet have a stamped also called pressed steel base as well as an optional top slot for easy adjustment with a screwdriver. The base and stud on our pressed leveling feet is steel plated and each leveling foot is supplied with mounting holes. Stainless steel bases are also available.

Applications: light duty applications and sheet metal frames.


Our new Teknofix line features rectangular leveling feet, a galvanized steel foot as well as steel adjusting screws and corresponding washers made with a zinc or phosphate surface finish. Adjusting screws can be special ordered for larger or smaller size and weight requirements.

Click here for detailed information and metal material specifications for all of our machine leveling pads.

See our leveling foot installation and cleaning guide.