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Sandwich Mounts

Sandwich mounts also known as conveyor or saw mounts are anti vibration rubber to metal bonded mounts that are used for suspending engines on road vehicles. Rubber sandwich mounts are also used as springs for vibratory equipment. Conveyor mounts are rectangular in shape and are unique vibration isolators in that they feature a rubber section sandwiched and bonded between two plates of heavy duty metal with holes at each end for fitting. Sandwich mounts are available with plate or stud fixings, they can be loaded in compression or shear or a combination of both, for example in a "vee" arrangement and can be made with or without interleaves to change the ratio of shear to compression stiffness.

Sandwich mounts can also incorporate steel interleaves for increased load capacity. This configuration allows a large difference between the compression and shear stiffness’s, which in turn provides the ability to “tune” a mounting system by rotating the mounts. Rubber sandwich mounts are usually installed in a “vee” formation to make use of the “tuning” feature.

rubber sandwich mounts

Applications: Road Vehicles, Mobile Construction Plants, Vehicle Suspensions, Acoustic Chambers, Hoppers, Heavy Plant Installation, Lift Head Gear, Conveyor Systems, Engines, Heavy Duty Machinery.