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Two Piece Center Bonded Mounts

Two piece mounts are center bonded mounts designed for heavy duty vibration applications where there are dynamic forces in multiple directions. Typical vibration isolator applications for the two piece center bonded mounts include trucks, heavy duty vehicles, compressors, generators and HVAC equipment. Center bonded two-piece mounts are installed through a mounting hole in a support structure. Dynamic vertical movements in both the directions are restricted and excellent horizontal stability is provided. Stress on brackets are optimized while at the same time obtaining vibration isolation and shock absorption.

The engineered design of two piece center bonded mounts balances stability with resilience to withstand high static and shock loading while isolating vibrations in all directions as well as providing fail safe assembly when installed with suitable washers.

Add fail safe protection by requesting and installing washers with this mount.

two piece center bonded mounts

Applications: Engines, Cabs, Fuel Tanks, Pumps, Air Conditioning Units, Compressors, Industrial Machinery, Vehicles, Agricultural Vehicles, Off-Road Equipment.