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Bushing Mounts

AV Products bushing mounts, also known as bushings, bushes or center bonded bushings, are used in applications such as vehicle suspensions which absorb extreme static and dynamic forces while dampening shocks and vibrations. Because of its cylindrical shape, the bushing acts an anti vibration interface between two parts, usually metal objects, without prohibiting movement and increasing flexibility.

Using a fully bonded rubber to metal design, the rubber compound is bonded to both the inner and outer sleeves. This design virtually eliminates high frequencies while supporting high loads in all directions.

We manufacture our bushing mounts in a wide range of metric sizes to suit most applications, we also sell unique bushing sizes and materials. We also offer rubber bonded bushings, these bushings have a metal tube on the inside which is bonded to the rubber on the outside.

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B Bushings

bonded bushing mounts

BF Bushings

bonded bushings

M Bushings

bushing mounts

O Bushings

fully bonded bushings

BM Bushings

rubber bushing mounts

Applications: vehicle engines and suspension systems, anti-roll (sway bars), cabs, flexible joints, motor vehicles, auxiliary equipment, military, light and heavy duty equipment, farm, drilling equipment, harvesters, combines, cooling towers, earth moving machinery, general machinery, industrial and construction machinery.