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The Importance of Marine Engine Mounts

Having a quality marine engine mount installed is the difference between a quiet, low vibration, firmly mounted engine and a loud, out of alignment, damaged engine. Damaged or worn engine mounts should be replaced as soon as possible because an engine that sits low can begin to cause misalignment of transmission to shaft, a worn cutlass bearing or damaged components such as the shaft, transmission or propeller.

inboard marine engine mounts

The force of the high revving engine is passed directly onto the mount and even the smallest one cylinder diesel engines can produce a large amount of force and vibration. There are many forces that are applied on the engine, there is the force of the motor and transmission weight as well as the shearing force of the propeller under thrust. For these reasons, engine mounts are compressed on one side while being stretched on the other. In severe conditions, such a dangerous storm, the engine mount which is essentially rubber bonded to metal takes considerable abuse over time.

It is important that the engine mount not be too soft or too hard as choosing an incorrect mount can make your problem worse. We have a marine propulsion engine mount calculator that is helpful in sizing mounts, click the image below to . Please contact us if you need assistance locating the best engine mount for your unique application.

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