rubber mount

Stationary Machine Mounts

Our anti vibration stationary machine mounts including vm, pm, kg, sandwich bar, rubber bumper, low frequency ring and flex mounts are made from premium rubber and are effective vibration isolators for a wide variety of applications from large food processing units to small computers.

stationary machine mounts

VM mounts are ideal for isolating low frequency vibrations in all planes (x,y,z) of slow speed machinery and stationary machines as well as shock absorption due to their ability to absorb large deflections at low loads. VM mounts also provide passive vibration isolation on electronic instruments, measuring equipment and test cells. Even though VM mounts provide high deflection, they are compact in weight and are easy to install. Height adjusters are also available for VM mounts. Interchangeable with Novibra® type M mounts.

Applications include: HVAC equipment, fans, electronics, vibrating tables, electric motors, pumps, compressors and food processing units.

stationary generator mounts

PM mounts are stationary mounts used to isolate vibration in stationary applications such as generators. There is no fail-safe mechanism on these mounts unlike our DS, DH, DM and MM mounts which can be found on our marine engine mount page.

Applications include: engines, CNC machinery, stamping presses, roll mills, motors, pumps, paper machine presses, cable machinery, air compressors, generators and gearboxes.

anti vibration pad

KG mounts are heavy duty rubber vibration mounts with exceptional flexible characteristics in both vertical and horizontal planes. They provide deflection up to 30 mm making them suitable for applications with low disturbing frequencies.

Applications include: paper and rolling mills, converters, mixers, gearboxes, sound enclosures, industrial fans and floating structures.

sandwich bar mount

Sandwich bar mounts also known as sandwich bars or rail mounts are used to absorb the vibration, movements and shock to protect surrounding equipment. Sandwich bar mounts absorb vibration in shear or compression and can be used as a whole but can also be cut, tapped, drilled and precisely measured to fit any required application.

Applications include: shipping containers, oil pumps, wind power plates, railroad tracks, standby generators and heavy stationary machinery.

rubber bumper mounts

Bumper mounts are effective in neutralizing large shock loads and allow soft impact with increasing bending and spring constant which results in the smooth absorption of a large impact force. Bumper mounts also dampen noise and accept a large load deformation with practically no friction.

Bumper mounts do not generate noise at the instant of contact, are easy to mount and require no maintenance.

Applications include traversing cranes, lifting cranes, wagons, cabinets and falling goods.

low frequency ring mounts

Low frequency ring mounts also known as o-mounts are used to control vibration, noise and motion. Low frequency ring mounts will protect sensitive equipment from incurred movements and are specially built to absorb shock, vibration and forces in shear and compression. The rubber hole in the center of the mount reduces the load capacity and increases the deflection which is favorable for low frequency vibration isolation applications as well as high noise reduction requirements.

Applications include: air-compressors, printers, electric motors, medical equipment and small sized machinery and instruments.

rubber flex mounts

Flex mounts isolate shock, motion and vibration and provide noise reduction in small equipment. The horizontal stiffness is larger than the vertical stiffness which is necessary for maximum vibration isolation. The recommended use of flex mounts is when requirements are to avoid large horizontal movements.

Applications include: for flex mounts include light electric motors, engines, motors, heat pumps, air compressors, air conditioners and generators.