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Anti Vibration Rubber Mounts and Vibration Isolators

Welcome to AV Products, Inc., we have a wide variety of anti vibration mounts made from the highest quality rubber to ensure maximum vibration isolation and shock and noise control. If you are replacing an existing mount or have a specialized application, we have a vibration isolator that will more than meet your needs. Our rubber mounts are combined into families, click the vibration mount family image to see individual mounts as well as detailed schematics, pictures and relevant applications.

Marine Engine Mounts

marine engine mounts

Marine engine mounts are used as rubber vibration isolators in industrial applications such as diesel generators.

Cylindrical (Bobbin) Mounts

cylindrical mounts

Cylindrical mounts also known as bobbin mounts are used in light weight applications to isolate vibrations.

Stationary Machine Mounts

stationary machine mounts

Stationary machine mounts provide shock absorption and isolate low frequency vibrations in all planes.

Cone and Shear Mounts

shear mounts

Conical, shear, flex bolt sandwich, v shaped generator, motor, interleaf and plate mounts isolate vibration.

Center Bonded Mounts

center bonded mounts

Center bonded mounts are used as vibration isolators and provide flexible suspension systems for equipment.

Electrical Panel Mounts

electrical panel mounts

Electrical panel mounts with fail safe protection used in mobile and stationary applications such as electric enclosures.

Stainless Steel Leveling Feet

stainless steel leveling feet

Stainless steel leveling feet for hygienic leveling foot applications such as in the food, drug and medical industries.

Machine Leveling Feet

machine leveling feet

Our heavy duty machine leveling feet increase stability for machines and limit tipping, vibration, wear and noise.

Pipe Hanger Mounts

pipe hanger mounts

Pipe hangers hang machinery, piping and speakers from ceilings while isolating noise, shocks and vibrations.

Wire Rope Isolators

wire rope mounts

Stainless steel wire rope cable vibration isolators combine a high level of durability, shock and vibration isolation.

Fully Bonded Bushing Mounts

bushing mounts

Our anti vibration fully bonded bushing mounts or rubber to metal bonded bushes are available in many sizes.

Vibration Mount Applications

vibration mount applications

3-D animated graphics demonstrating applications requiring anti vibration mounts and rubber isolators.

Vibration isolation is the process of using an anti vibration mount, usually made of rubber, to isolate vibration and dampen noise in an object that has moving parts such as light and heavy machinery and vehicles. When energy is transferred from a piece of equipment such as a motor, vibrations occur. Isolation mounts are used to reduce the transmission of energy from one body to another, creating a strong connection between them, reducing the vibrations.

The primary material used in an elastomeric rubber mount is natural rubber which is typically bonded to a piece of metal, this is what makes up an anti vibration mount. Anti vibration mounts and pads are attached to a piece of equipment producing vibration and when installed properly, they isolate the vibrations, shocks and in some cases noise, without even affecting the performance of the object!

It is important that you select the right anti-vibration mount for your application as choosing the wrong mount can amplify the vibrations. Installing an incorrect mounting may reduce the high frequency vibration or noise but resonant conditions at lower frequencies can be amplified. Please call or use one of our contact methods above to get help in selecting and sizing your mount.

Common applications for vibration mounts include: pumps, motors, hvac systems, washing machines, industrial boat engines, marine propulsion engines, aviation, small electric motors, shipping containers, transformers, hoppers, defense and compressors.